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8 traits of a great manager

Have you ever been in a job interview and been asked to describe your best and worst manager? You probably remember that manager you loved working with and the one you wish you’d never met. We define our ideal manager based on our personality and working style. But there are some things that we all want in the person that leads our team. When it’s your turn to be in that role, you want to be more than the person in charge who makes the rules and hands out discipline. You want to be the person w

Why you should hang your worst work on the wall

I used to be superstitious – let’s face it, I was paranoid – about my writing. Whenever I published an article in a magazine (way back in the day when magazines were made of paper), the publisher would send me my complimentary copy as soon as the issue hit the shelves. I would anxiously find my article in the contents, turn directly to the first page, look at my byline, smile, promptly close the pages and put the magazine on my bookshelf. And there it would stay, article unread – at least not re

Adaptogens: The Natural Trend in Stress Management

As part of our 2019 Perfect Predictions, we asked our health and wellness trend-spotters and followers to share what they thought would be the hottest trends in food, beauty, and movement in the coming year. Ways To Add Adaptogens Into Your Wellness Routine Work, family, traffic, the six o’clock news…you name it, there is stress in every aspect of life. And the pace and demand of careers and culture have placed even more pressure on us to react and perform, leaving very little room for us to s

How to Welcome Your New Team Member

If you’ve ever been the new kid in school, you know how nerve wracking it can be to walk into a place where you don’t know anyone, where to find anything, or how well you will fit in. A new employee can feel those same fears when they walk into their job for the first time. Even for a grown-up, little things like not knowing where the copy machine is, how to schedule meetings, or who they can sit with at lunch can send a person right back to those scary school days. And what’s worse, not knowin

Are You Really Ready to Make Your Resolutions?

So its December again. The countdown to the BIG countdown has begun. And as we enjoy recaps of the best shows of year, the best songs of the year, even the best memes of the year, we cannot resist – we have to start reliving our own personal bests for the year. And like any other rabbit hole, we find ourselves in a familiar place – making big resolutions that will definitely stop us from doing the things we don’t want to do anymore. Because we all know that in order to accomplish something, all

How to Know When to Replace Your Shoes

Remember when you first bought your favorite pair of sneakers? They felt so good; every time you went walking it felt like stepping onto a cloud. The relief you felt in your feet, legs and even your back made you practically want to sleep in them. But that was some time ago, and now when you go walking, your old favorites are probably less comfortable than the box they came in. The insoles feel worn away and it practically feels like you’re walking barefoot on concrete. Even if it’s not that ex

How to Get Your Feet Ready for Your Active Vacation

It’s Summertime! Most of us made it through the cold winter months on the promise of warm summer days, barbeques, and eventually that long awaited, well-planned vacation. For many of us, vacation is a visit to a new or favorite location, where we can shop, eat yummy food, enjoy great music, and soak up local culture. What better way to do all of that than to leave our hotel rooms and walk around, discovering the town? It’s a great experience, yes, but it often comes with one pitfall at the end o

All Hands Meeting Best Practices

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting in a mandatory meeting, knowing that the information was important but struggling to keep your head from hitting the table, you’re not alone. But the reality is, meetings are a necessary part of work. Even when every team member is doing their jobs well, it can be easy for teams to find themselves in silos, forgetting that the whole organization is working toward a set of common goals. Companies are growing, with teams spread across countries and time zones,

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

When someone is applying for grad school or a new job, a letter of recommendation can be more powerful than a great cover letter or a perfect resume. Recruiters and schools often wait until the end of the review process to read letters, giving them real influence on the final decision. It means a lot when a former employer is willing to use their name and reputation to recommend someone. So schools and companies take letters seriously – and so should you if you’re asked to write one. But what s

A Good Stretch

From infants to the elderly, stretching the body after waking happens by instinct. It’s also excellent therapy. Flexing the fingers and toes, extending the arms, legs and feet, even rolling the head, are actions that the body seems to crave after an extended period of motionless sleep. Anyone who has ever participated in an exercise class or worked out to a tape is familiar with the time dedicated to stretching. When we look at dancers or runners, we see them pointing and flexing prior to compe

Compression Socks: Supporting Your Health from the Ground Up

In today’s world, we are busy, but not necessarily active, and many of us spend hours on or off our feet. Sitting for hours without moving can block the healthy movement of blood to the heart, leading to swollen legs and feet. And while standing up can help, standing all day is not ideal either, as the constant strain on the joints can also lead to swelling and fatigue. Sitting at work or at home is just one way to put your circulation at risk. Obesity, pregnancy, or limited mobility after surg

How To Define Project Success | Blog

When you’re planning a project, your immediate concern is understanding the goal. Your objective is to deliver successful results that satisfy your stakeholders. Once upon a time, that was achieved by producing a product on time, on or below budget, with a high level of quality. But the output at the end is no longer the single measure of the project’s success. With the emphasis companies now place on engagement, it is important to involve your stakeholders in the project experience and to und

Project Lifecycle: Get Chaos Under Control | Blog

So business is growing – new clients are being signed, new initiatives are kicking off, and new products are being developed. All good things, but every new offering comes with costs, deliverables, deadlines, and demands. If you don’t manage all of the moving parts, you could be looking down the road at lost money, wasted resources, and failed projects. The good news is, following the project lifecycle can bring control to the chaos and make sure you are delivering expected results on time and

Cloud Vs. On-Premise Servers: The Guide You've Been Looking For

At the risk of giving away my age, I am going to share a memory. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I was at a petting zoo with my children at an age when they were young enough to still think all animals were magical and ice cream was a food group. I captured every moment of this special day, and looked forward to being able to relive those times when my girls were grown and gone. Unfortunately, the heavy flip phone that once seemed to be so advanced no longer has a viable or replaceable battery,

5 Tips for Resource Forecasting in Project Management | Resource Guru

Resource forecasting in project management is much like a super-effective crystal ball. While it may not tell you when you should buy a lottery ticket, it can save you a lot of stress by estimating the project workload, the resources you need, and the best way to utilize them. Forecasting before a project kicks off is a way to ensure that you are prepared to go into your project appropriately staffed and are ready to respond when the unexpected occurs–which you can expect every time. Even if y

Headcount vs FTE: What's the Best Resource Management Model for You?

Have you ever found yourself in an ice cream shop, standing in front of your two favorite flavors and not knowing how to choose? You’ve already tried the samples, and now it comes down to the final decision: fudge chips or candied pecans, caramel or a strawberry swirl? You know both will deliver on flavor, but which one will make you most satisfied in the end? While making resource management decisions may not be as much fun as eating a scoop of vanilla fudge swirl (my personal favorite), t

AE Facilitates Collaboration for Non-IT Teams Using Targetprocess

Every business needs to operate in the right kind of space. There needs to be room to work, collaborate, build teams, develop new ideas, and serve customers. These are the kinds of things taken into consideration by AE, an architectural services firm that serves businesses and ICT firms. The team of 270 highly motivated consultants have one primary concern -- being problem solvers for their customers. Bruno Lefever is the Enterprise Transition Coach at AE, who led the rollout of Targetprocess in

Knowing Your Audience

We’ve all been there – you open an email or mail advertisement, and within about five seconds, determine that the sender doesn’t know anything about you, and doesn’t care to, yet they want your business (your money). This feels insulting, and you reject them immediately. When you have a conversation with someone, the advantage is that you have the opportunity to ask clarification questions, observe facial expressions, hear voice inflections, or read body language. When you write a message to an audience that you can’t see, hear, or speak to, you enter the world of-way communication, and you risk having your message misunderstood or possibly rejected. In order to get your message across and you intend it, and elicit the response you hope for, it is important that you take the time to understand the position of those your message is targeted, it is the equivalent of being a good listener. Let’s take a look at some types of one-way messages, and what you need to think about before you hit the send button.

Autobiography of an Accidental Analyst

18 years ago, when I began my work as a Business Communications Specialist, life was sweet – I would write catchy copy for my clients designed to bring in more customers, or employee handbooks that needed to be trained and signed off on each year. It was not until I entered the world of Technical Writing that I discovered the ever-demanding and dynamic discipline of Business Process Analysis. In 2007, I joined a global organization as an Instructional Designer. My job was to create job aids, pr

There is no I in RFP: The best business proposals are a team effort

Building a proposal to win business from a potential client is an exciting undertaking that can be overwhelming if not approached the right way. Too often, sales professionals, executives and business owners work alone to respond to RFPs (Requests for Proposals), or create proposals from scratch, relying solely on their business knowledge, which they assume to be enough to get the job done. After spending some time answering questions from the prospect, and composing what they consider to be imp