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Compression Socks: Supporting Your Health from the Ground Up

In today’s world, we are busy, but not necessarily active, and many of us spend hours on or off our feet. Sitting for hours without moving can block the healthy movement of blood to the heart, leading to swollen legs and feet. And while standing up can help, standing all day is not ideal either, as the constant strain on the joints can also lead to swelling and fatigue. Sitting at work or at home is just one way to put your circulation at risk. Obesity, pregnancy, or limited mobility after surg

Cloud Vs. On-Premise Servers: The Guide You've Been Looking For

At the risk of giving away my age, I am going to share a memory. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I was at a petting zoo with my children at an age when they were young enough to still think all animals were magical and ice cream was a food group. I captured every moment of this special day, and looked forward to being able to relive those times when my girls were grown and gone. Unfortunately, the heavy flip phone that once seemed to be so advanced no longer has a viable or replaceable battery,

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