My name is Sharon. I am a writer, artist, instructor, and bookworm. I have over 20 years of professional writing experience and a dedication to helping people get healthier, work smarter and achieve the ever-elusive life balance.

I have been a writer in various forms since I was a kid (I'll let you guess how old I am). My career began in print magazines and evolved into online content and internal communications. I write, ghost write, and edit content for print and online media, as well as for corporate, health, IT, government and non-profit organizations. My subject matter includes professional development, health and wellness, workplace culture, and lifestyle. My goal with everything I write is to leave my readers feeling more empowered to improve the quality of their lives. 

Being a good informational writer means staying curious, always thirsty to know something that you didn't know yesterday. That describes my approach to work. I'm a life long student, an inquisitive interviewer, and a great researcher, always happy to take on a new subject. You can reach me anytime at sndaugherty@gmail.com to discuss your next project. I am ready to go to work, and I look forward to writing for you!

Why you should hang your worst work on the wall

I used to be superstitious – let’s face it, I was paranoid – about my writing. Whenever I published an article in a magazine (way back in the day when magazines were made of paper), the publisher would send me my complimentary copy as soon as the issue hit the shelves. I would anxiously find my article in the contents, turn directly to the first page, look at my byline, smile, promptly close the pages and put the magazine on my bookshelf. And there it would stay, article unread – at least not re

Adaptogens: The Natural Trend in Stress Management

As part of our 2019 Perfect Predictions, we asked our health and wellness trend-spotters and followers to share what they thought would be the hottest trends in food, beauty, and movement in the coming year. Ways To Add Adaptogens Into Your Wellness Routine Work, family, traffic, the six o’clock news…you name it, there is stress in every aspect of life. And the pace and demand of careers and culture have placed even more pressure on us to react and perform, leaving very little room for us to s

Are You Really Ready to Make Your Resolutions?

So its December again. The countdown to the BIG countdown has begun. And as we enjoy recaps of the best shows of year, the best songs of the year, even the best memes of the year, we cannot resist – we have to start reliving our own personal bests for the year. And like any other rabbit hole, we find ourselves in a familiar place – making big resolutions that will definitely stop us from doing the things we don’t want to do anymore. Because we all know that in order to accomplish something, all

How to Get Your Feet Ready for Your Active Vacation

It’s Summertime! Most of us made it through the cold winter months on the promise of warm summer days, barbeques, and eventually that long awaited, well-planned vacation. For many of us, vacation is a visit to a new or favorite location, where we can shop, eat yummy food, enjoy great music, and soak up local culture. What better way to do all of that than to leave our hotel rooms and walk around, discovering the town? It’s a great experience, yes, but it often comes with one pitfall at the end o

Compression Socks: Supporting Your Health from the Ground Up

In today’s world, we are busy, but not necessarily active, and many of us spend hours on or off our feet. Sitting for hours without moving can block the healthy movement of blood to the heart, leading to swollen legs and feet. And while standing up can help, standing all day is not ideal either, as the constant strain on the joints can also lead to swelling and fatigue. Sitting at work or at home is just one way to put your circulation at risk. Obesity, pregnancy, or limited mobility after surg

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

When someone is applying for grad school or a new job, a letter of recommendation can be more powerful than a great cover letter or a perfect resume. Recruiters and schools often wait until the end of the review process to read letters, giving them real influence on the final decision. It means a lot when a former employer is willing to use their name and reputation to recommend someone. So schools and companies take letters seriously – and so should you if you’re asked to write one. But what s

A Good Stretch

From infants to the elderly, stretching the body after waking happens by instinct. It’s also excellent therapy. Flexing the fingers and toes, extending the arms, legs and feet, even rolling the head, are actions that the body seems to crave after an extended period of motionless sleep. Anyone who has ever participated in an exercise class or worked out to a tape is familiar with the time dedicated to stretching. When we look at dancers or runners, we see them pointing and flexing prior to compe

How To Define Project Success | Blog

When you’re planning a project, your immediate concern is understanding the goal. Your objective is to deliver successful results that satisfy your stakeholders. Once upon a time, that was achieved by producing a product on time, on or below budget, with a high level of quality. But the output at the end is no longer the single measure of the project’s success. With the emphasis companies now place on engagement, it is important to involve your stakeholders in the project experience and to und